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This Week at Epiphany

This Week at Epiphany Sunday Sep 15

The flowers in the Sanctuary today are to the Glory of God and in loving memory of special parents Glenn and Betty Whittington, and sister Susan, given by Mary-Liz and Joe Whalls.

Bible Readings Sunday Sep 15

We are completely accessible with an elevator and two accessible washrooms.

The Little Church that Cares

Contact: Rev. Teresa Corrigan


phone: 519-671-0577 [cell]

The Church phone is unmonitored. Please feel free to leave a message and we’ll get back to you. 519 432 2837


Announcements from Rev Teresa 

*Spaghetti Dinner & Silent Auction.  Sat. September 14. 5 till 7.  $15 all inclusive.  Salad.  Homemade Brownie Dessert.  Tea, Coffee. Invite friends and family.  Help needed!! Judy and Bob for Tickets.  226-378-1250.  Tickets are helpful so we know how many to cook for. But can pay at the door. Thank you.

*Silent Auction items to Sandy Winterton ASAP.  You can email her at   Let her know if your item is a food item, to be brought the day of the Auction.  All other items she would prefer to have before the Auction, so she can organize them and keep them all together.  Thank you.

*Tea and Talk.  2nd Thursday.  This Thursday Sept. 12  1 p.m.  Potluck lunch.

*Cenotaph Meeting.  Tues. Sept. 17.

*Thank  you  Rev. Peter. for Preaching Sunday Sept. 15.  (The second Sunday.) 

*Fundraising Catalogues.

*Sandra has beautiful unique hand made cards.  From Kleenex boxes. $2.  50% for the church.

*August: Thank you to everyone who continues with their envelopes.  Our expenses go on the same.  Back to church Sunday September 8. Norcard/DFS catalogues. Remember Potluck.

*Quilt Last Tues. 7 p.m.till 9.  Bring your sewing machine, scisors, and seam ripper.  Thank you Carol D.

*Food Cupboard.   Butch. 519-615-9106. The cupboard is low.  How about bringing a donation for start up Sunday.

*Craft Club.  3rd Saturday  Sept 21 wreathes.  October 19 choc. sleighs

* Apportionment: Pretty App.  Jar 612.25) Thank you to those giving in your regular donations. We are half through the year and half paid on the apportionment.  We owe $8000.  Keep up our good work!

*Yard and Bake Sale. September 28. 

*Bible Study.  Sept. 17  Revelation.  Potluck.Tuesdays 10 am

*MINT SMOOTHIES $2  *Used Batteries *Folded Kleenex boxes.*Pop Cans for Keanna-See Keanna’s thank you poster.

*Euchre/Crib. Last Monday.  September 30. 

*Thanksgiving.  Sun. October 13.

*There are three ways to contribute at Epiphany : Prayer for the church; Help at events; donations if possible. Our Lord knows us.

*Thank you for your generous love of Epiphany. 

Our Church does much good, quietly, without fanfare. 

 Let’s all keep up our Good Work!

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All Saints – Safe Home


All Saints

At the firehall three bells indicates all safe home. At Epiphany on all saints day we ring our bell as each name on our All Saints list is read. When everyone’s name has been read we ring the bell three times to indicate all safe home.

Here is our All Saints List

Rae Whittington

Stan Whittington

Catherine Whittington

Billy Whittington

Barb and Ross Turner

Bill and Mary Whale

Les and Ethel Whittington

Robert and Marjorie Williams

Robert Williams

Lindsay Williams

James and Susan Whittington

Burt and Goldie Black

Russ Bell

Jack Davies

Ken O’Liari

Eleanor O’Liari

Keith Lindsay

Gerald, Doug, Robert

Randy and Ricky Gillan

Leo and Catherine Corrigan Patrick Corrigan

Diane Buie

Ben and Gert Smallman

Stew and Molly Tack

Helen Jamieson

Don McColl

Cameron and Jean Stewart

Douglas Stewart

Marion Lyons

Melba and Tony Zanni

Glenn Whittington

Betty Whittington

Susan Christensen

Janet Whalls

Fred and Janet Haskell

Laura Freeman

Mary, John and David Sylvester

George and Delores Walker

Bob Bonnell

Ernie, Thelma, Bill and Helen Brereton

Theo Joyes

Annie and Howard Aldington

Vic Thompson

Kathy Roedding

Tracy Aldington

Keith and Doreen Winterton

Bert and Mabel Winterton

John and Alta Wilson

Florence and Bill Brock

Ellen Brereton

Joe Bowman

Cliff Varey

Ted Varey

Peter Scott

Jean-Pierre Tremblay

Daniel and Helen Bonner

Florence and Willis Ball

Ev Sweet

Robert “Bob” Cyril England

Phyllis Mennell

Joyce Gillan

Donald Hawkins

June Ball

Dianne Walker Barfett

Lisa Aldington

Raymona Joyes