Reopening our Churches

In Person Services

In person services resumed at Epiphany following the guidelines laid down by  Bishop Todd.

There will be two services each Sunday

9:15 am

11:00 am

Seating is limited so please contact Adam to confirm a place.

mailto: Adam   

phone – 1 519 615-2210


                Bishop Todd

Dear friends,

We have made some changes to our diocesan COVID-19 protocols, at least one of which many of us have been waiting for with some longing.  Reopening our Churches, the Next Step can be found at the link below.  The changes come into effect on Sunday, November 14, 2021.  Some of the the changes include:

  1. Singing is permitted in worship services while masked and physically distanced.  Choirs may rehearse while masked and physically distanced.  Services and choir rehearsals are to be no longer than 45 minutes.

  2. Brief fellowship times of 20 minutes or less are permitted following worship services.  Food and beverages are not permitted.  It is preferable if this can be held in a location other than the sanctuary.

  3. The Provincial Government’s vaccine mandate applies to all activities held in a church building with the exception of worship, food sustainability ministries, and 12-step groups.  Renters are required to ensure that they follow the government’s directions regarding their members and activities.

  4. As the weather cools down, it is important to remember that HVAC systems can efficiently spread COVID-19 aerosols.  If your church is heated by forced air, please turn the furnace fans off approximately 15 minutes before the beginning of worship. Fans (ceiling and other) should not be used.  In all buildings, please keep some windows open at least partially as this greatly improves ventilation and reduces the risk of the virus being spread.

  5. The same lectern and/or microphone may be used for more than one reader or speaker if all readers/speakers are wearing masks. COVID-19 is spread primarily by aerosols and small aerosolized particles can hang in the air for a period of time, therefore, masks must be worn for the protection of all readers and speakers.  If a lectern or microphone is only used by one person during a service and it is more than 12 feet (4m) from any other person, masks may be removed at the lectern. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions with regard to these protocols.

The Venerable Tanya Phibbs
Archdeacon of Huron

Yours in Christ,
The Right Reverend Todd Townshend
Bishop of Huron

Reopening our Churches