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The Church of the Epiphany, in Manor Park, London, Ontario, was founded by Dean Davis in 1914 as a mission from St. James Westminster Church. Rector at that time was W.M Shore. This “Little Church that cares” was originally a frame structure with no basement. In 1922, the church inaugurated a fund for the erection of a new building which was completed in 1926 and in 1930 was pronounced “free of debt” and consecrated. The Parish Hall was constructed entirely by volunteer labour during the great depression using mainly material left over from the old frame church. Today our little church still sits proudly at the corner of Briscoe St. West and Holborn. You can imagine that in the early part of the twentieth century little attention was given to accessibility and as a result our facilities are saddled with too many stairs. Stairs that are too steep and too narrow. The people of Epiphany have decided that this too can be corrected and a few years ago set out to build an elevator to join the existing Parish Hall and Church. The elevator will not only connect the Parish Hall to the Church, it will make both facilities accessible. Since the closing of Manor Park Public School, Epiphany boasts the only community centre type facility in the area. Programs from Tai Chi to Early Years, from Music concerts to Remembrance Day Services use our facility. Organizations such as Native Inter-Tribal Housing Co-op use our facility. We host an area food bank to assist the less fortunate in our service area. The list of what we do for the community is long and goes on and on.

Current Minister and main contact is: Rev. Teresa Corrigan Phone: Cell (519) 671 0577 teresacorrigan1@gmail.com We are located at: 11 Briscoe St W, London, ON N6J 1L9 Honorary Assistant The Rev. Peter Leonard   View Larger Map Contact the Webmaster - churchofepiphany.london@gmail.com

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