Candles for Keanna



A Candle for Keanna


Keanna is a very special young lady. She was diagnosed with Focal Segmental Glomerolusclerosis (FSGS) in 2012 and had both kidneys destroyed by this. A transplant in 2016 failed, and she has had to undergo 10 hours of dialysis per night for the last 6 years.

Better times at Sick Kids

On Sept. 27, 2020, she had a second kidney transplant, and was at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto until Nov. 25,
when she was allowed to come back to London.

Not so happy to be back at Sick Kids

On Nov. 28. she had to be taken back to Toronto
to be readmitted to Sick Kids due to a high blood pressure problem.

A Candle for Keanna

is a fundraiser for Keanna’s family to help defray some of the non-medical costs such as:
accommodation and food for the family while staying close.
Hotel stays for parents (who must be nearby)…almost $200 per night
Even Ronald McDonald House (when it is available) is $15 per night (mounts up after almost 2 months)
Meals (We all know how expensive it is to eat…now imagine having to rely on take-out for two months)
Toronto is in the red zone now so even finding take out will be a challenge
Parking at the hospital – $200 a month
Travel to and from Toronto for doctor visits, hospitalizations, etc
Lost wages while your child is hospitalized
Miscellaneous/unexpected expenses – Keanna needs a new wardrobe (most of her old clothes do not fit her new body shape) … also …do you always remember to pack the toothpaste (or whatever…)?

Candles come in Electronic or Classic Wax versions

$10 each

To order:   Email

                   Phone Jan or Ron 519 472 9142

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