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ST Pats 2024

Wasn’t that a party

*St. Patrick’s Show and Party. $2600.00
Thank you to musicians, performers,
church volunteers and attenders and supporters.



Annual Epiphany Lunch – Mandarin 2023

106th Service of Remembrance

Year 2023 marks the 106th year that a service of Remembrance was was held at the corner of Briscoe and Holborn. Here are some pictures from our annual service.

On November 10th, the Orange Owls from Western Daycare visited with their teachers. 





Here’s some pictures from the 106th Service of Remembrance

And after the service


More photos to follow

Manor Park New Years Eve 2022

A great time was had by all at the Manor Park New Year’s Eve show.













Before the party













Food Prep



























Alvego Root Fun













The Party







































Denise and Steve Serenade us!


Cookie Raffle 2022



Decorate for Christmas 2022

Cookie Raffle Assembly

Connie is 100

Hi Everyone

Here’s some pictures from Connie Chatterton’s 100th birthday

Sing-a-long at Epiphany

On the afternoon of March 17th, St Patrick’s Day the Little Church that Cares hosted an afternoon of sing-a-long music.

Thanks to Steve and Suzanne.



FUNDrive at Epiphany

You know, one of the best things of being a part of Epiphany is all the fun we have. Even when we’re working we have fun. Wednesday November 17, our assigned delivery date finally arrived, the culmination of a year’s collection of Garage Sale items. As you know Epiphany usually has a couple of Garage sales each year. The Covid pandemic put an end to that. One of our members saw an ad from Value Village called FUNDrive. When she checked into it she discovered that we could save then deliver our usual Garage Sale items to VV and get paid for it. What a great idea!!!. So we started collecting, and collecting, and collecting. The Hall basement filled up and still items were arriving. The Church basement filled up and still more items. Then, just as it seemed Epiphany’s walls were going to burst we got together, safely masked and loaded 2 large UHaul trucks and took everything to Value Village on Wellington Road South. The accumulated bagged and boxed items (clothing, footwear, linens, pots and pans and other small household items – you know, everything but the kitchen sink) weighed in at over 5000 pounds. A big thank you to everyone who contributed. It was a lot of work, but as you can see in the pictures, many hands make work light – and fun. I heard many laughs, giggles and happy noises as we worked delivering these things to VV (Another huge thank you to our volunteer loaders – way to go Epiphanites!!!) By the way, did I tell you, Value Village paid us for these things. A win win as I see it.

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