Epiphany Service For September 12, 2021

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The flowers in the Sanctuary today are to the Glory of God and in loving memory of  Grandma and Grandpa Plumridge, given by the grandchildren Tom Plumridge and Barb Glaser. 

*Calendars: Bob C. has come up with a great fundraiser idea. Four themed calendars will be available. A kitten, a puppy, a lakes and streams and a majestic sunsets.  Details to follow.  

*Concert featuring Denise Pelley, Stephen Holowitz, and Adam Corrigan Holowitz called To You With Love From Down the Street. Inspirational music from Denise and stories about Manor Park from Adam. Saturday October 2 at 7:30 pm and October 3 at 2:00 pm. Tickets in advance. Seats of groups. Tickets are $25. Proceeds to the work of the Church.

*Tea and Talk begins October 12 at 1:00 pm.

*Bible Study begins with  a Brown Bag lunch at Springbank Park Tuesday Sep 14 at 11:00 am. Contact Rev. Peter for further details. (Phone: 519-681-6076 pjl1946@gmail.com)

*We are invited to attend “Mapping the Ground we Stand on. Contact Jane Moffat at janecmoffat@gmail.com for more info.

*Board Meeting.   Tuesday August 10.  In Church.  7 p.m.  Elevator Available.

*FUNDrive  collection day now moved to November 17.  We are collecting items we normally would have collected for our Spring/Fall yard sale for delivery to Value Village. Value Village will pay us 15 cents a pound for” wearables” (clothing, purses, belts, backpacks, shoes, etc) in green garbage bags and 10 cents a pound for “housewares” in boxes.   (Housewares are things home-related, but NOT furniture).   Thanks Jan for leading in this! Ron (519 472 9142) 

*Please remember to save your cancelled stamps. Gloria Thompson.

*Food Cupboard.     Butch. 519-615-9106. Butch has inventoried our cupboard and come up with a possible list.  But we gladly accept all donations! Uncle Ben’s Rice packets; Canned vegetables, meats, fruit; Juice; Cereal; We still have peanut butter and jam, but it is running low; We have received Soup, pasta, and pasta sauce at this time;  Thank you everyone! 

 *Thank you for your generous love of Epiphany.  Our Church does much good, quietly, without fanfare.   Let’s all keep up our Good Work! Even while we are sheltering in our homes.

*If you wish, our regular weekly donations or special donations may be sent to our Envelope Secretary:


Barb Smallman

4860 Whiteoak Road

London, Ontario

N6E 3Y8




*Thank you Ron for posting our service on our website, Adam for recording our service To Anusha for the music.  Also Stephen.  Thank you Dan D. for arranging for the flower dedications.  Thank you to you for being part of our church and for all you do everywhere.


Bible Readings for Sep 12


Audio for Sep 12 Service


The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,

and the love of God,

and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit,

be with you all.


And we respond with: And with thy spirit.


Mark 8:27-38

8:27 Jesus went on with his disciples to the villages of Caesarea Philippi; and on the way he asked his disciples, “Who do people say that I am?”

8:28 And they answered him, “John the Baptist; and others, Elijah; and still others, one of the prophets.”

8:29 He asked them, “But who do you say that I am?” Peter answered him, “You are the Messiah.”

8:30 And he sternly ordered them not to tell anyone about him.

8:31 Then he began to teach them that the Son of Man must undergo great suffering, and be rejected by the elders, the chief priests, and the scribes, and be killed, and after three days rise again.

8:32 He said all this quite openly. And Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him.

8:33 But turning and looking at his disciples, he rebuked Peter and said, “Get behind me, Satan! For you are setting your mind not on divine things but on human things.”

8:34 He called the crowd with his disciples, and said to them, “If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.

8:35 For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake, and for the sake of the gospel, will save it.

8:36 For what will it profit them to gain the whole world and forfeit their life?

8:37 Indeed, what can they give in return for their life?

8:38 Those who are ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of them the Son of Man will also be ashamed when he comes in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.”


Psalm 19:1-14

19:1 The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims his handiwork.

19:2 Day to day pours forth speech, and night to night declares knowledge.

19:3 There is no speech, nor are there words; their voice is not heard;

19:4 yet their voice goes out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In the heavens he has set a tent for the sun,

19:5 which comes out like a bridegroom from his wedding canopy, and like a strong man runs its course with joy.

19:6 Its rising is from the end of the heavens, and its circuit to the end of them; and nothing is hid from its heat.

19:7 The law of the LORD is perfect, reviving the soul; the decrees of the LORD are sure, making wise the simple;

19:8 the precepts of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart; the commandment of the LORD is clear, enlightening the eyes;

19:9 the fear of the LORD is pure, enduring forever; the ordinances of the LORD are true and righteous altogether.

19:10 More to be desired are they than gold, even much fine gold; sweeter also than honey, and drippings of the honeycomb.

19:11 Moreover by them is your servant warned; in keeping them there is great reward.

19:12 But who can detect their errors? Clear me from hidden faults.

19:13 Keep back your servant also from the insolent; do not let them have dominion over me. Then I shall be blameless, and innocent of great transgression.

19:14 Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to you, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer.


Psalm 19 begins  The heavens are telling the glory of God; 


As we gather for worship, the first time since December 4, 2020.  

As we gather for worship,

 we hear Psalm 19 saying that nature reveals God for us.   

Interesting since it is as if we have been out in nature  this long time.  God has been near.  We have known God in nature for sure.


Shakespeare wrote  the saying “there are sermons in stones”.

 In As You Like It, a banished duke says “There are tongues in trees, books in running brooks, SERMONS IN STONES .”


Sermons in stones.

Like the sermon in a butterfly or dragon fly.

Or sermons in the towering trees or flowers or starry nights.

If we pay attention, and maybe write what we find.



Author  Joyce Rupp who wrote, 


One winter morning, 

I awake to see the magnificent lines of frost 

stretching across my windowpanes. 


They seemed to rise with the sunshine

with the bitter cold outside. 


They looked like little miracles 

that had been formed in the dark of night.


 I watched them in sheer amazement, 

and marveled that such beautiful forms 

could be born during such a winter-cold night. 


Yet, as I pondered them, 

I thought of how life is so like that.


We live our long, worn days in the shadows,

 in what often feels like barren, cold winter, 

so unaware of the miracles 

that are being created in our spirits.


It takes the sudden daylight,

 some unexpected surprise of life, 

to cause our gaze to look upon

 a simple, stunning growth 

that has happened quietly inside us.


 Like frost designs on a winter window, 

they bring us beyond life’s fragmentation

 and remind us that we are not nearly as lost

as we thought we were, 


that all the time we thought we were dormant inside,

 beautiful things were being born in us.


A sermon on a window pane. 

Sermons in stones. 

Or flowers, perhaps. 


If we take the time to see, to listen, 

And even more if we take the time to try to write 

The insight that is like a wisp of fog so often,

That we would like to grasp…


If we take the time to write those sermons….


We will find that 

that all the time we thought we were dormant inside,

 beautiful things were being born in us.


Jesus took time to find wisdom in nature.  


One time long ago  people like us

were worried about how they would live, 

how they would have enough to live on.


Jesus said

 “Consider the lilies of the field, 

how they grow; they neither toil nor spin,

 yet I tell you,

 even Solomon in all his glory 

was not clothed like one of these.

 But if God so clothes the grass of the field, 

which is alive today 

and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, 

will God not much more clothe you…” 


Jesus like Shakespeare

 knew Sermons have been placed in nature.


Especially if you take the time to try to write the wisdom down…


Nature and Spirituality go together, a pairing….

Like a little incident shared by a proud grandma….


One lovely moonlit night,

 a young girl and her grandmother went for a walk. 

The sky was magnificent.

As grandmother named individual stars and constellations,

 the granddaughter exclaimed,

 “Grandma, if the bottom side of heaven is this beautiful,

 just think how wonderful the other side must be.”


Sermons in nature.


Another person who made a huge difference in life,

Who knew nature 

Is a man named George Washington Carver. 

He lived an amazing life, from 1864 to 1943.

He over came impossible barriers.


Carver  was known for developing techniques

 for improving soils 

depleted by repeated plantings of cotton. 


 He developed alternative crops 

for poor farmers,

such as sweet potatoes and peanuts.


He produced food pamphlets

 that told farmers how to grow food 

for their own families, 

not just cotton.


 His most popular pamphlet was

 How to grow the Peanut 

and 105 ways of preparing it for Human Consumption, 

first published in 1916. 




Do you think Peanut Butter was in the bulletin?  


What is  all the more amazing, 

this man called a second Leonardo Da Vinci,

is that he could not attend school because of his skin tone. 


George Washington Carver  

was an environmentalist

 before environmentalism was popular.  


He was asked by an interviewer

 what he thought was the most indispensable thing 

for science in the modern age. 


Dr. Carver replied, “The capacity for awe.”




He said

Awe is what opens our finite minds

 to the infinite intelligence of God. 

Awe is what connects our limited hearts 

to the limitless love of the Lord. 


Awe is what helps us to see God’s glory

 in the sea and the land and the moon and the sun.  


In short, 

Awe allows us to know the sermons in stones.


To be sure, 

the natural world is not the only place we encounter God. 


As the psalmist continues, 

“The law of the Lord is perfect, 

reviving the soul. 


The statutes of the LORD are trustworthy,

 making wise the simple. 


The precepts of the Lord are right,

 giving joy to the heart. 


The commands of the Lord are radiant, 

giving light to the eyes.” 


Yes, God is revealed in the glories of nature, 

but God is revealed in a very specific ways

 in  the Word. 


That is why we gather for worship from week to week –

 yes, we get a glorious glimpse of God out in the world,

 but, in worship, we get,

 in Paul Harvey’s phrase, “the rest of the story.”


Scottish theologian George McDonald writes,

 “We should look not only to the scriptures and the church to know God, 

but to creation as well.”

It is all one swirling wisom.


There is a wonderful Hasidic story 

about the son of a rabbi 

who used to wander in the woods. 

At first his father let him wander, 

but over time he became concerned. 

The woods were dangerous. 

The father did not know what lurked there. 

He decided to discuss the matter with his son.


One day he took his boy aside and said,

 “You know, 

I have noticed that each day you walk into the woods. 

I wonder, why do you go there?”


The boy said to his father, 

“I go there to commune with God.”


“That is a very good thing,”

 the father replied gently.


 “I am glad you are open and listening for God.

 But, my son, don’t you know 

that God is the same everywhere?”


“Yes,” the boy answered, “but I’m not.”


Sermons in stones.  


In a way

We have been out in the woods these last wilderness years. 

 We have found sermons in stones. 


Yet also,

 It is good to be coming back to our family in God’s home together.


 To be with God together. 

 For the full story. 


If you notice?

 That is why and how the Psalm19 goes from  

The heavens are telling the glory of God


To our prayer before preaching: 

 Let the words of my mouth 

and the meditation of our hears  be acceptable to you, 

O LORD, our rock and our redeemer.


WE pray:


God of hope,

Bread of life,

you taught us to put away bitterness and anger,

and with tenderhearted kindness

to share the fruit of our labor with the needy.

Strengthen us by your grace,

that in communion with you,

we may forgive one another

and live in love as Christ loved us. Amen.




Prayers: Velma H.; Zaden; Kendra; (Gloria); Shirley P.; Helen, Debrah G.,and Regina G (Pat M.) Zac; Peter T.;  Mark Mc; Dan B.;. (Garfield & Diane);Linda; Dean; Allan; Aunt Frankie; (Brian G.); Linda (Joan C.); Larry R.; Brian; Marcel De C and family; Tara; Jeff B.; Doug T.; Alex,  Gord, (Sandra); Connie C.;  Jim P. Jack B.; Jack and Julie.  Jim M; Mary B.;  Keanna,  Ella D.; Evelyn Mc; Marion R.; (Church) Jade (Carol R.); Dori;  Belinda,;  Kim; Edie K., Ross B., Francis & Bill W.; Jeff G. (Dori & Jack); Michelle P.;(Jim P.)  Pat P; Grant K; Kathy W. (Jack & Julie); Hope (Marilyn B.) ;  Valerie (Carol F.); Shirley P.; Helen, Debrah G.,and Regina G (Pat M.); Lori (Maya) Pat and Tony  (Marilyn B.); Melanie; Marlene H. Pam B. (Barb & George); Bill, Sheila, Jessica, Sonya, Jamie (Peter);    Lynda D . (Mary Beth & Paul); Jean (Bruce J.); Brian (Jeanne); Diana, Ian, Edna, Matthew & Annika;   David & Lyla & Joanna Mac;   Janice L & Darrin R;  Roland & Pansy V;  Rob P;  Pat B & her family;)Clark & Helene (Suzie D)

We remember and pray for Mildred McColl, and all who mourn her passing.



Loving God,

open our ears to hear your word

and draw us closer to you,

that the whole world may be one with you

as you are one with us in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen..


As our Savior taught us, let us pray,


Our Father, who art in heaven,

hallowed be thy name;

thy kingdom come;

thy will be done;

on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation;

but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom,

the power and the glory,

for ever and ever. Amen.




Glory to God,

whose power, working in us,

can do infinitely more

than we can ask or imagine.

Glory to God from generation to generation,

in the Church and in Christ Jesus,

for ever and ever. Amen.


Blessing from the Book of Common Prayer:

The peace of God, which passeth all understanding, keep your hearts and minds in the knowledge and love of God, and of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord; and the blessing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, be amongst you, and remain with you always. Amen.


Our Parting Blessing Song:

May God’s blessing surround you each day

As you trust Him and walk in His way

May His presence within guard and keep you from sin,

Go in peace, go in joy, go in love.

Go in peace, go in joy, go in love.

Hearts and Roses

Valentine’s Day 2020

First performance of a new song Lyrics by Ron Stewart and Music by Stephen Holowitz vocals by Laurraine Sigouin.



Services soon to resume

In Person Services to resume Sep 12

Dear friends,
As we approach Labour Day weekend, we are all aware that cases of COVID-19 are once again rising in Ontario.  Due to this rise, the diocese will continue to follow the Reopening our Churches Step 3 guidelines for at least the month of September.  The guidelines are available at the link below.  I am asking all parishes to resume in-person worship effective September 12th.  Some may prefer to continue to worship outside as long as the weather allows, some may prefer smaller services at a time other than Sunday morning.  If a parish in a public health unit with a weekly COVID-19 case count of greater than 40 cases per 100,000 population wishes to request a later date for the return to in-person worship, the rector and wardens must seek permission from their Territorial Archdeacon, outlining the reasons for the request.  The weekly case counts may be obtained here or directly from your public health unit.

As Christians, we welcome all in the name of Christ and so the diocese will not be requiring vaccinations for all persons attending worship.  However, those in ministry leadership positions have been entrusted with responsibilities which include protection of the vulnerable. For this reason, the following people will now be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to serve in the Diocese of Huron during this pandemic.

All clergy who are presently in an appointment, interims, those who function as honorary assistants and who do supply
All Licensed Lay Readers
All liturgical leaders including, but not limited to, organists and choir directors, choristers, musicians, lectors, intercessors, Eucharistic Administrators, wardens, greeters and servers over 12 years of age
All Sunday School teachers and youth leaders
All pastoral visitors

To continue in these roles, all persons must have received their first dose of vaccine by September 30th and the second no later than October 31st.

Each parish will maintain a record of the lay persons in these roles with an indication that they have provided proof of vaccination.  A trusted person in the parish is to be assigned to visually check each person’s vaccination confirmation and record the name of each person and the date of their second vaccination.  The record is to be maintained securely in a locked file or password protected computer file.  A warden, Safe Church Coordinator or parish nurse may be good choices for this role.  A person may access their vaccination confirmation here.  Once the new provincial system for verifying vaccination status is in place, parishes may use that system.
Clergy will provide proof of their vaccination to Ms. Jennifer McLaughlin jmclaughlin@huron.anglican.ca  if you are uncomfortable sending a copy of the vaccine confirmation by email, please arrange to meet with Jennifer at Church House or by zoom so that she can visually confirm the document.  The information will be kept in a locked file in the HR office. This will not become part of your permanent clergy file.
Those who are medically unable to be vaccinated must obtain a written doctor’s note exempting them from this vaccination requirement.  They will be required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken less than 72 hours before the time they are scheduled to serve in their ministry role.  Stipendiary clergy to whom this applies will be required to send to Jennifer proof of a negative COVID-19 test twice weekly.  Those who have a Human Rights exemption from being vaccinated for COVID-19 are to contact Archdeacon Tanya Phibbs at tphibbs@huron.anglican.ca
All diocesan staff will also be required to be vaccinated by these deadlines.  While we encourage the parishes to require this of any parish staff that are not in the categories above, that is a decision of the wardens to make as they are the employers.

Some people may feel that this policy goes too far, some will think it does not go far enough. I pray that it will strike a faithful and safe balance while we continue to gather and serve in this time. Please offer one another grace if there are disagreements, keeping each other in prayer and Christian love.
Yours in Christ,
The Right Reverend Todd Townshend
Bishop of Huron









Cans for Keanna

Don’t throw out that aluminum. Save it and bring it to Epiphany. Crush it down first if you are able.


Mildred A McColl


Mildred McColl (nee Bell)

Peacefully at Parkwood Institute on Monday, August 23, 2021, Mildred A. McColl in her 97th year. Beloved wife to the late Donald K. McColl (2008). Loving mother of Janet Stewart (Ron), Wendy MacSween (Rod) of Kincardine, and Donna McColl. Dear Grandma of Sara and Cait Stewart, Suzanne Hallay (Peter) and Scott MacSween (Carmen), and special “Gram” to Lindsay Hall (Nathan). Loving Great Grandma to Mason, Max, Ivy, Carter and Bazil. Cremation has taken place. Guests will be received for visitation at Forest Lawn Funeral Home, 1997 Dundas Street East, London on Monday, August 30 from 7:00-9:00 pm. Following physical distance restrictions, 40 people are allowed for visiting at any given time. We apologize in advance for any delays in entering the funeral home based on the numbers attending. A private Memorial Service will be held on Tuesday, August 31, 2021. Please contact the family, if you wish to attend. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to Thames Valley Education Foundation or to the Church of the Epiphany.


Our Prayers go out to our Muslim Brothers and Sisters



The Church of the Epiphany the Little Church that Cares has lowered the flag in our Cenotaph in honour of our Muslim brothers and sisters who were so senselessly attacked recently in our great city.

Our Prayers go out for you



Our prayers

Our prayers are for the young and the innocent.

Our prayers are for the souls leaving us too soon

                                                way to early.

Our prayers are for the lonely

                                    for the souls left behind.

Our prayers are for the grief, for the tears

                                    for the sadness.

Our prayers are for time

                                    time to heal

                                    time to love

                                    time to remember all that is good.

Our prayers are for you

                                    for the laughter

                                    for the happiness

                                    for the joy yet to come.

Our prayers are for you.


Jeanne Heighway


With deep sadness the family of Jeanne L. Heighway (nee Hunt) announce her passing on Thursday, April 1, 2021, due to complications from a stroke, in her 92nd year. Beloved mother of Catherine (Wally MacKinnon) and Steve (Kim) Heighway. Devoted Nana of Mitchell (Meg) Heighway, Brent Heighway and Emily MacKinnon. Survived by her sister Betty (Bud) Bathgate, brothers-in-law Bob (Midge) Heighway and Don Winterton, sister-in-law Kit Hunt as well as many nieces and nephews. Predeceased by her loving husband Bruce (2016), brother George Hunt, sister-in-law Mary Jane Winterton and brother-in-law Don Heighway. Jeanne was born and raised in London, Ontario. She attended Central High School, and it was at a school dance where she met Bruce who would become her beloved husband. The couple married in 1951, built their home and raised their family in London. At 16 years of age, she began working at “The Bell” telephone company as a switchboard operator. Jeanne stayed at home to care for her young family and in 1968 joined Canada Trust – University Branch as a teller. Over the span of her 25 year career with the bank, she also worked at head office accounting and real estate administration. Jeanne poured her heart and soul into all aspects of her family. Among her many passions she was a superb gardener, a fantastic cook, an excellent seamstress and an avid birdwatcher. Jeanne and Bruce shared a love of travel that took them on many world-wide adventures. Closer to home, they both enjoyed activities with the Ilderton Curling Club, Huff n’ Puff biking group and the London Centre Branch YMCA. They owned a cottage near St Joseph on Lake Huron for several years, which was the hub of family get-togethers. It was here that Jeanne nurtured her spectacular gardens and opened the wonders of nature to her young grandchildren. She adored her grandchildren and always felt so blessed to have been able to take an active role in their lives. Jeanne was a resilient, determined, creative, generous, and loving woman and we will miss her terribly. We would like to thank the staff at Fox Hollow Assisted Living for their care and compassion over the past several months. Cremation has taken place. A Celebration of Life will be held when Covid restrictions are lifted. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Centre, PO Box 601, Mt Brydges, ON N0L 1W0, Wellspring London and Region Cancer Support Centre, 382 Waterloo Street (Inside the YMCA), London, ON N6B 2N8 or the London Centre Branch YMCA – Strong Kids campaign, 382 Waterloo Street, London, ON N6B 2N8 in memory of Jeanne. A. Millard George Funeral Home entrusted with arrangements 519-433-5184. Online condolences, memories and photographs shared at www.amgfh.com”The kiss of the sun for pardon, the song of the birds for mirth.
One is nearer God’s heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth.”

Published on April 10, 2021

Barb turns 80

Junne Boucher


At University Hospital, London on Monday, March 15, 2021, Junne (Winslow) Boucher in her 98th year. Beloved wife of the late Bill Boucher (1981). Dear mother-in-law of Wayne Parker (Connie). Cherished grandmother of Janice Wiersma (Jim), Bob Parker (Sue), and great-grandmother of Laryssa Parker and Michelle Wiersma. Dearly missed by Allan Cross (Barbara). Predeceased by her stepdaughter Dorothy Parker, her parents William and Clara Winslow, her sisters Clara, Audrey and Phyllis. A private graveside service was held at Woodland Cemetery, London. As an expression of sympathy, donations may be made to the Humane Society of London & Middlesex, 624 Clarke Road, London, ON N5V 3K5. A. Millard George Funeral Home entrusted with arrangements 519-433-5184. Online condolences, memories and photographs shared at www.amgfh.com

Esther Holowitz

Mrs. Esther Holowitz

(nee Sylvester) passed away on Saturday, December 12, 2020. Born in Fort William, ON on July 3, 1924, she was a lifelong resident attending local schools and retiring from the National Film Board in 1989. Predeceased by her father and mother Beniamino and Giovanna Silvestri, sisters and brothers-in-law Mella and Tony Zanni (Thunder Bay), Ada and Joseph Dlhoucky (Thunder Bay), Joseph and Elsa Sylvester (Sudbury), Bruno and Lena Sylvester (Thunder Bay), sister Mary Sylvester (Toronto and Thunder Bay), brother John Sylvester (Ottawa), sister-in-law Gina Sylvester (Toronto). She is survived by Fred, her husband of 67 years, son Stephen (Teresa), London, ON, daughter Cathy (Doug) Thornbury, ON, grandchildren Adam (London, ON), Elena (New Westminster, BC), brother Leonard Sylvester (Toronto), sister-in-law Evelyn Sylvester, (Ottawa), special walking partner and niece Jean Makiw, and numerous nieces and nephews in Ottawa, Toronto and Thunder Bay. A member of the St. Agnes’ CWL and a charter member of TOPS ON 502. A private graveside service will be held at a later date at St. Patrick’s Cemetery. If friends desire donations in memoriam may be made to the Heart and Stroke Foundation or Toys for Tots, Thunder Bay.

The family would like to thank the staff of Birch Wing-Hogarth Riverview Manor for their compassionate care of Esther, particularly in her final days.

Online condolences may
be made through


To Plant Memorial Trees in memory, please visit our Sympathy Store.

Published in The Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal on Dec. 16, 2020.

Sonia O’Donnell

With loving family and supportive friends holding hands together, and in the comfort of her own home, Sonia Florence O’Donnell ( nee Abuchan ) slipped away from this beautiful earth and quietly entered into God’s care on Monday November 16th, 2020.

As per Sonia’s wishes cremation will be taking place.

Sonia was predeceased by her first husband, Sigmund Pfaffinger of Kitchener, ON. And, also by her second husband, Hugh Joseph O’Donnell of London, ON. Her beloved younger sister, Sandy Thompson, passed away in 2013 and was profoundly missed. Sandy was survived by her wonderful husband H. Alan Thompson of Vancouver, B. C. Al remains an excellent uncle and mentor to both of Sonia’s sons.

Sonia was an understanding, loving and caring mother to both Nic Pfaffinger of Kitchener and to Eric Pfaffinger and his partner Donna White of Waterloo.

She was the proud and devoted Nanny to her grandson Joe Pfaffinger and his partner Samantha Newman of Kitchener. And, to grandson Tyler Pfaffinger, currently studying at Fanshawe College in London, and to grandson Benjamin Pfaffinger, currently studying at York University in Toronto.

Sonia was a Christian, a Registered Nurse, a friendly, reliable and engaged neighbour, a committed volunteer, a Master Gardener, an opera lover, an animal lover, a prolific reader and was well known as a generous friend to many. She was reluctant to liken her
obituary to her resume, and so her various milestones and many accomplishments will not be mentioned here. Perhaps those stories and memories can be best shared at a small memorial service to be held at ” The Church of the Epiphany “, 11 Briscoe Street in London on Thursday Dec 10th, 2020 at 12 noon.
The Reverend Teresa Corrigan will conduct the service and if you wish to attend or to say a few words at that time, please contact her at 519-671-0577 or teresacorrigan1@gmail.com.

As Sonia has planned, there will be a reception after church at “The Idlewyld Inn” at 36 Grand Ave., in London. Maps and directions are available for those who require them. And all Health Unit Covid-19 guidelines will be in effect.

When you speak of Sonia, speak not with tears, for thoughts of her should not be sad. Let memories of the times you shared give you comfort, for Sonia’s life was richer because of YOU whom she loved so deeply and so dearly.