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Sunday Jun 25th

Flowers in the Church Jun 25th

The flowers in the Sanctuary today are to the Glory of God and in loving memory of Ralph Jr and George Fleet and Theresa and Philip Nesbitt and are given by their parents Carole & Ralph Fleet.

And also in loving memory of a dear husband Jean-Pierre Tremblay given by Hilda Sampson.


Our elevator is installed and working. Operators have been trained and everything is ready for everyone to come to Sunday's service. Make sure to tell everyone that is not coming because they can't manage the stairs, that we are now accessible. Please let them know we are now accessible!!! And to top it all off we have 2 fully accessible washrooms as well.




Bible Readings for

Sunday Jun 25th

*The Church of the Epiphany The Little Church that Cares



the Church of the Epiphany:

Rev. Teresa Corrigan



phone: 519-671-0577 [cell]

The Church phone is unmonitored

519 432 2837

Announcements from Teresa

*Manor Park Evening Post. Thank You to everyone who came, contributed, helped, performed!  Flying M Restaurant.  We had a great memorable Evening and raised $1515.00.   

* Euchre this Monday.  June 26.  1-4. $2 fun!

*Indoor All Ages Movie, Movie TBA.  Using our new donated BBQ.  July 15.  6:00 eat.  7:00 p.m. Snacks. Food Cupboard donations.  Bring your seating. Come One Come All.

*Finances from the board: Income $9,202.  Thank you!  We Love our Church! Expenses $8,415. 

*There are three ways to give: Prayer for the church; Help at events; donations if possible.  Our Lord knows us.

* Apportionment:  Keep our church independent, strong, inspirational & doing much good. Church and Faith Change our World!  It is so important! Thank you to those giving! We need help on this one.  A Pretty Appeal Jar $272.50

* Summer.  No services in August.  Our Back to Church Sunday is Sept. 10, Grandparents Day!  The board gently reminds us that expenses go on, please consider continuing your weekly donations in August. Thank you.

*Summer Theatre at Fanshawe Pioneer Village.  July 12 to 27.  Two Plays. Information from Adam.  519-615-2210. $15 each.

* Rheo Thompson Mint Smoothies - See Sandra - only $2.

*Sandra is collecting regular type batteries for a school.

Sandra is also collecting flat Kleenex boxes – a friend makes cards

*Living Stones Project.  Your help is needed to restore and maintain the stones.  High School Hours?  Strong young folks?  Contact George to Volunteer. 519-878-0550  

*Food Cupboard.  Butch. 519-615- 9106 Thank you.  What would folks do without churches and generous folks.  We curently have pasta but no sauce. You name it! We need it!

Sneak Preview Upcoming Events:

Sat. Sept. 23 Spaghetti Dinner and Trivia.  Licenced. Details TBA.

Sat. Nov. 4. Roast Beef/ Neat Loaf Dinner

Sun. Nov. 12.  Enchante Concert& Stephen H. 2:00 p.m.

New Years With Denise Pelley, Stephen H. Details TBA.

 *Bible Study over till Fall.

*Early Years Play Group.  Begin in Fall Again.  Wed. free.

*Baptisms? Please Contact Teresa.

*  Email Reminders: Would you like to receive church emails ?

Back of Bulletin;

Praise the Lord! A new study suggests churchgoers live healthier lives.

 Those who attend places of worship are less stressed than those who don’t, according to researchers at Vanderbilt University.

 The group looked at the levels of Allostatic load in 5,000 worshipers and non-worshipers to determine which group is more at risk for raised stress levels and health risks that could shorten life spans.

 Allostatic load is a measurement of different factors – blood pressure, cholesterol density, metabolic rate and nutritional/inflammatory levels – to determine how stressed someone is.

 Those (64%) who said they regularly attend church were less stressed.

 Meanwhile, those who never attended a place of worship had significantly higher Allostatic loads and were more stressed and more likely to encounter health problems, the study revealed.

 In an interview with Vanderbilt.com, Marino Bruce, a research associate professor of medicine, health and society, said, “We’ve found that being in a place where you can flex those spiritual muscles is actually beneficial for your health.”

 Those who attend mosques or synagogues achieved similar results.

 The survey findings encourage people to participate in some community of Faith.    


  The Church of the Epiphany

The Little Church that Cares

11 Briscoe Street N6J 1L9


+++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++

Honorary Assistant

The Rev. Peter Leonard, 



Trillium logo400x400 100_4217 The Ontario Trillium Foundation *Trillium News! Trillium has granted us $111,400 for our Accessibility Project, and the cheque will be arriving shortly. This puts us ever-so-close to our goal. We are moving ahead with construction, even though we are still a bit short of the money required for the project. Some of you have been holding off - maybe not really believing we would ever get this far. Please now consider a pledge to help us with the final push in our goal of making Epiphany fully accessible. Thank you to all who have given to this project in faith, even when we were still a long way off. Thank you in advance to those who are about to give. Our prayers are being answered, but there's still a way to go. We are planning to start mid June. For more information about The Ontario Trillium Foundation, check out the link below. http://www.otf.ca/

Great Fundraiser

“Rheo Thompson Individual Mint Smoothies”

$2 each. Make great gift toppers, and good for all chocolate cravings! See Sandy Winterton for details or email at madaboutcows@rogers.com

  mint smoothies  

Services at Epiphany

Our regular Sunday services are at 9:15 and 11:00 Join us for a potluck lunch after the ll:00 service. Bible Study Tuesdays at 10:00 We go out for lunch first Tuesday of each month after the study.


What a Great Party. The music was sensational. The food was delicious. Thanks to Denise for cooking the Irish Stew. Thanks to everyone who supported us. Here's some photos

Service of Remembrance Oct 29 2016

The annual Manor and Highland Park service of remembrance took place on Saturday Oct 29. It was a moving solemn service attended by about 80 Veterans, Cadets and parishoners and residents. The service was highlighted by a beautiful speech given by The Honourable Kate Young. For Pictures of this moving event see Photos at top of this page.

Service of Remembrance 2016

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Grand Opening Oct 23 2016

The weather was great as we celebrated the grand opening of our accessibility addition. Here are some photos of the event. img_0315 img_0322 img_0330 img_0344 img_0361 img_0364 img_0369 img_0380 img_0385 img_0386 img_0397 img_0410

Grand Opening October 2016


Our Grand opening was a wonderful success. To have a look at the festivities click on "Epiphany Photos" at the top of this page.



Blessing of the animals

Blessing of the Animals

Sunday April 23, 2016 was a special day for our animal friends. At 2 PM a special service was held for our pets. Approximately 20 dogs and 1 cat showed up to receive the blessing from our Rev Teresa. Many more humans brought pictures of their pets, and these pets were also blessed. A special service at Epiphany could not take place without music. Stephen Holowitz filled the church with his beautiful music on the baby grand. Adam Corrigan Holowitz entertained us with a delightful rendition of an original piece by Oliver Whitehead. Here is a few pictures from the church Sunday afternoon. IMG_0059IMG_0060 IMG_0061IMG_0062 IMG_0063IMG_0064 IMG_0065IMG_0070 IMG_0071IMG_0072 IMG_0073IMG_0074