Service of Remembrance


On October 28th 2017 we will celebrated our 100th Service of Remembrance at Epiphany.


On the corner of Briscoe Street West and Holborn Avenue in South London stands a lonely statue of a First World War Canadian Soldier.

This was the first cenotaph erected in the city of London preceding the main downtown memorial by some 9 years. The Manor and Highland Park Cenotaph was first dedicated on May 31st 1925. For years before that, a large wooden cross stood on that corner – dedicated to the memory of those who were lost in the Great War. The first Service of Remembrance took place at that location on November 10, 1918 - just one day before the end of WW1.

On Saturday October 28, 2017, the 100th Service of Remembrance was held. Unfortunately, due to poor weather and age of veterans attending, the service had to be moved inside the Church of the Epiphany (which also sits on this site and acts as caretaker for the monument). This beautiful moving ceremony was very, very well received by the cadets, veterans, dignitaries and viewing public.

The only disappointment of the day was the absence of news media (though they had been previously advised).

The above article appeared as a letter to the editor in the London Free press Tuesday October 31, 2017

This Week at Epiphany

Sunday November 19th


 Flowers in the Church Nov 19

The flowers in the Sanctuary are to the Glory of God and in loving memory of our dear Vicky given by her family.


Our elevator is installed and working. Operators have been trained and everything is ready for you to come to Sunday's service. Make sure to tell everyone that is not coming because they can't manage the stairs, that we are now accessible. Please let them know we are now accessible!!! And to top it all off we have 2 fully accessible washrooms as well.


Bible Readings for

Sunday Nov 19

The Little Church that Cares


the Church of the Epiphany:

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519 432 2837

Announcements from Teresa

*Christmas Star Bazaar.  This Sat. November 18. 9:00 to 12:30.  Set UP Friday at 1:00 p.m.  Help needed.  Baking.  New and Nice items.  Need Grocery Draw Items;  Raffle Items. Pottery Table Lunch counter.  Help Needed.   Clean Up Thank you in advance!

* A MANOR PARK NEW YEARS.Featuring Denise Pelley Stephen Holowitz on Piano Hosted by Adam Sun. Dec. 31.  8:30pm till 12:30 p.m  Light Lunch included. Tickets Now On Sale!  For tickets call: Judy’s Home 226-378-1250  $30.00  Licensed Event Cash Bar  Beer and Wine available for purchase.

* Next Party?  St. Patrick’s.  Sat. March 17.  Put it on your Calendar.

* Candlelight Carol Service with Celtic Shift..  Sun. Dec. 3.  7 p.m.  Goodies after.  No Potluck Lunch in morning.

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*Stamp Program.   Give your Cards and cheques written to Epiphany to Barb.  You get a charitable receipt & Epiphany gets the money.  Thank you Brian.

* Potluck & Robbers Bingo. Mon Dec. 4. Bring a new wrapped prize.  5:30 for 6

*Food Cupboard.   Butch. 519-615-9106

* Apportionment: Thank you. We are currently on target for paying our apportionment in full for 2017.  Keep our church independent, strong, inspirational & doing much good.

 *  Pretty Appeal Jar.  ($857.05 + $26.15= $883.20 (Plus $ 500 match)

*At Epiphany There are three ways to give: Prayer for the church; Help at events; donations if possible. Our Lord knows us.

* Sandra Rheo Thompson Mint Smoothies - - only $2. * old batteries  Thank you!!

*Christmas Eve Services.  Sunday December 24. 7 p.m. to sing Carols,  7:30 p.m. Candlelight Christmas Eve Service / Christmas Morning Dec. 25. 10 a.m. Quiet calm service

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*Pancake Tuesday.  February 13.  4:30 to 6:30

*Rummage and Garage Sale.  Sat. Feb. 24.

*Late Breaking News!  We are planning a Photo Directory at  Easter.  Also a Live Auction April 14.  We will be seeking donations from Businesses.  And a Gaither Sunday Afternoon with Jack Phoenix Sunday May 6. Stay tuned for details.

Thank you for your generous love of Epiphany.  Our Church does much good, quietly, with out fanfare.   Lets all keep up our Good Work!

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 *Advent Wreath.  Jan Stewart is coordinating.  Looking for volunteer leaders to read the prayers each week.  Thank you Jan!

 *Warm Wooly Tree.  New Warm Socks, Mitts, Hats etc.  Donations?

 *White Gift/Twoonie Lunch. Baptism. Sun. Nov. 26.  Traditionally we bring food donation and twoonie.   For our food cupboard/outreach..Soup.  Buns.  Cookies.

* Decorate Church for Christmas.  Sat. Dec. 2. 10 a.m. Potluck.  Assemble Cookie Tins. 12:30.

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Honorary Assistant

The Rev. Peter Leonard, 



Trillium logo400x400 100_4217 The Ontario Trillium Foundation *Trillium News! Trillium has granted us $111,400 for our Accessibility Project, and the cheque will be arriving shortly. This puts us ever-so-close to our goal. We are moving ahead with construction, even though we are still a bit short of the money required for the project. Some of you have been holding off - maybe not really believing we would ever get this far. Please now consider a pledge to help us with the final push in our goal of making Epiphany fully accessible. Thank you to all who have given to this project in faith, even when we were still a long way off. Thank you in advance to those who are about to give. Our prayers are being answered, but there's still a way to go. We are planning to start mid June. For more information about The Ontario Trillium Foundation, check out the link below.

Think tank says religious group spending pays off nearly five-fold

A recent article in the London Free Press reports that for every dollar spent by churches on outreach programming, the community reaps $4.77 worth of benefit

Check out the link below


Here's the article:

By Jennifer Bieman, The London Free Press

A new tool by a Hamilton-based think tank is letting Canadians coast to coast see how money from church collection plates in their community translates to social good on the street.

For every dollar congregations spend on programming, the community reaps $4.77 worth of benefit, according to Cardus estimates. Researchers call this divine social and economic spin-off a halo – and now the public can search for their town or city using the think tank’s tool.

“These communities are generating good beyond themselves and that means everybody is kind of benefitting,” said Milton Friesen, senior fellow and program director at Cardus.

“If they disappeared and you had to cover the common good benefits that they’re giving to the community, what would that cost you in a dollar figure?… Who would pick up that slack?”

The interactive online tool is an expansion of study published last year that focused 10 Christian and non-Christian Toronto congregations.

The Cardus team assigned market prices to the services each group provided – including daycares, recreation space, alcohol and drug addiction programming, family counselling, housing developments and helping refugees settle in Canada. Researchers interviewed church leaders and handed out detailed questionnaires for them to complete. The study was based on a similar project conducted in Philadelphia and was funded by the Canadian Council of Christian Charities, World Vision Canada, The Salvation Army and several other religious organizations.

When the project leads tallied up all the programs, assessed their monetary worth and compared the final sum to the 10 churches’ overall operating budget, they found that for every dollar the congregations spent on initiatives, the community receives nearly $4.77 in benefits.

“They’re not producing widgets or cars or things that can be directly linked to GDP…. But if they disappeared and the municipality or somebody had to put back all the stuff that’s missing, how much would that cost,” said Friesen.

The newly-released Halo Calculator applies the figure uncovered in Cardus’ 2016 study to Canada Revenue Agency data for church groups across the country. St. Thomas’ 16 listed congregations had a combined operating budget of $2,546,336 in 2013. By Cardus estimates, the total dollar value of the services they provide totals more than $12 million.

“This is all still very experimental,” said Friesen, adding the Halo Calculator numbers are only meant to be estimates.

“We’re hoping to generate more research. We’re pretty sure this is not the end of the story.”

Friesen wants the findings and the new online tool to spark conversations about the role religious institutions play in community development – especially at a time when some are facing an aging congregation and declining membership.

“This will hopefully generate discussion between municipalities and faith communities,” said Friesen.

“They are part of the social ecology of their communities. The look to be generative, they’re adding something, they’re not extracting. Let’s talk about what that means in terms of the long-term wellbeing of our communities.”

--- --- ---

Halo Effect in Southwestern Ontario

Dollar value of community impact

London – 351 organizations – $811,032,649

Sarnia – 77 organizations – $143,333,940

Chatham – 67 organizations – $97,430,622

Woodstock – 56 organizations – $77,840,471

Aylmer – 22 organizations – $19,320,647

St. Thomas – 16 organizations – $12,146,023

Dutton – 11 organizations – $2,560,670

West Lorne – 5 organizations – $2,146,438

Source: Cardus calculation based on 2013 Canada Revenue Agency T3010 data

Grand Opening Oct 23 2016

The weather was great as we celebrated the grand opening of our accessibility addition. Here are some photos of the event. img_0315 img_0322 img_0330 img_0344 img_0361 img_0364 img_0369 img_0380 img_0385 img_0386 img_0397 img_0410

Grand Opening October 2016


Our Grand opening was a wonderful success. To have a look at the festivities click on "Epiphany Photos" at the top of this page.



A group of novice Epiphany Quilters is getting together on Tuesday evenings to work on a quilting project under the guidance of master quilter Carole Dutton. One side of the quilt is shown below in the picture. The other side will have an image of Epiphany showing the new entrance and our cenotaph. The quilt will be raffled off to raise funds for Epiphany outreach projects.



Our Church Families in India

Our Church Family in India In May of 1965 I saw a short item in the paper about an Indian Priest working in the states who had set up an agency called Save A Family Plan to help people in India have a better life. The cost was $5.00 a month. Shortly after I adopted her first family, Jean Haywood, who was president of the Ladies Guild asked if I would speak to the ladies about the plan. Shortly after, the Guild decided to adopt also. About that time the S.A.F.P. decided to offer what they called a Burse, a sum of $200.00, which would cover monthly payments for 20 years. If I remember correctly, it now costs approximately $200 a year to adopt a family or $2000.00 for a Burse. Over the years, as experience has been gained, new ideas and practices have been put in place. When a family is accepted for assistance, they are given six years to become self sufficient. Each village is encouraged to work together to learn how all levels of governments work, health, sanitation and women's rights. Some of the options open upon acceptance are: small business loans, goat, cow, chicken and rabbit rearing, agriculture, rice growing. In one sea side community, a group of women banded together and made a roaring success of making and repairing fishing nets. At the end of their 6 years, Peter and Lini have graduated the program and are growing rice, have a cow, goats, chicken, and yes, even a dog! Which brings us to our new family, Stephen and Reena. I was moved and distressed to see 8 year Libina in her mothers' arms. I phoned S.A.F.P. And learned that the family were in a car accident in Feb. And that Libina was severely injured. The Doctors at the hospital wanted to operate, but the parents couldn't see their way to pay for Libina's surgery. There are enquiries being made to try to get an idea as to how to proceed. All in all, I'd say we at Epiphany have received good value for our $200.00 investment, helping approximately 7 families over 49 years. When they write and say “Thank you for your love and kindness, may God Bless you, I am humbled. It is the giver who receives the blessings. Gloria Thompson

Great Fundraiser

“Rheo Thompson Individual Mint Smoothies”

$2 each. Make great gift toppers, and good for all chocolate cravings! See Sandy Winterton for details or email at

  mint smoothies  

Some photos

Church Dance

Our Refugee Family visits Epiphany

Sunday Jun 12 IMG_0098 IMG_0096 IMG_0095 IMG_0094 IMG_0093 IMG_0092 IMG_0091



IMG_0046IMG_0047IMG_0048IMG_0048IMG_0051IMG_0053IMG_0055IMG_0054 ______________________________________________

Blessing of the Animals

Sunday April 23, 2016 was a special day for our animal friends. At 2 PM a special service was held for our pets. Approximately 20 dogs and 1 cat showed up to receive the blessing from our Rev Teresa. Many more humans brought pictures of their pets, and these pets were also blessed. A special service at Epiphany could not take place without music. Stephen Holowitz filled the church with his beautiful music on the baby grand. Adam Corrigan Holowitz entertained us with a delightful rendition of an original piece by Oliver Whitehead. Here is a few pictures from the church Sunday afternoon.   IMG_0059IMG_0060IMG_0061IMG_0062IMG_0063IMG_0064IMG_0065IMG_0070IMG_0071IMG_0072IMG_0073IMG_0074    

  Some pictures of Church happenings