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Mirland Brodie Talk – 1981

This week at Epiphany

Upcoming this Week at Epiphany Sunday Jan 19 2020

The flowers in the church today are to the Glory of God and in loving memory of our daughter and sister Lisa Aldington, given by Bob, Linda and Christine Aldington

The flowers in the church today are to the Glory of God and in loving memory of a dear husband and loving father, Roland Rees given by his wife Gail Rees and  Daughters Tammy and Michelle


Bible Readings Sunday Jan 19

If you wish to listen to a very unique version of this weeks Psalm check out this Youtube link

This Sunday’s psalm

We are completely accessible with an elevator and two accessible washrooms.

The Little Church that Cares

Contact: Rev. Teresa Corrigan


phone: 519-671-0577 [cell]

The Church phone is unmonitored. Please feel free to leave a message and we’ll get back to you. 519 432 2837


Announcements from Rev Teresa

*Thank you Rev. Peter for all you do and for preaching this Sunday for us.  You are a blessing. 

*Crafts on the Third Saturday Jan 18 – 10 till 12.  New session beginning.  Help needed.

*Valentines Party. Featuring Laurraine Sequine, Stphen Holowitz and friends.  Friday Feb. 14 7:30 to 10:30.  Licensed Cash Bar, Beer and Wine.  Includes Finger Foods, Sandwiches, Squares, etc.  Available from beginning of evening.  Tickets available. Tickets Judy Caley.  226-378-1250. $20.00.  Everyone Welcome. This evening is for everyone.  Come one, come all. 

*St. Patrick’s Party.  March 14.  Licensed.

*Orders for Veggie or Meat Pies being taken.  $4.  Barb S. 519-680-0649 or sign up on sheet at church.  We will only make enough pies to fill the orders on the sign up sheet, so get your orders in. Delicious, handy. Help needed to make the pies Friday Jan 24 we will be making the fillings. Saturday Jan 25 we will be assembling the pies. Pick up your orders by noon Sat Jan 25. High School hours available.

*St. Patrick’s Party.  Amy Barton, Stephen Holowitz, Dave Nuttall, Celtic Shift!  March 14.  Licenced.

*Apportionment: Jar 36.75 so far!  Thank you to all giving.  In various ways, weekly in our envelopes etc.

*Food Cupboard.   Butch. 519-615-9106.

*Sandra: handmade cards. only $2.  * MINT SMOOTHIES $2 

*Collecting in blue box* Batteries *No Folded Kleenex boxes for a while. * Cancelled Stamps.*RINSED Pop Cans for Keanna

*Euchre/Crib Monday January 27 1 till 3. Please show up by 12:45 so we can start on time.

*Vestry after Church.  Sunday Feb. 2. Vestry Reports due Sunday Jan 26

*There are three ways to contribute at Epiphany : Prayer for the church; Help at events; donations if possible. Our Lord knows us.

Happy Birthday Jim

The congregation was blessed today with a surprise Birthday party celebrating one of our longest serving members, Jim Whittington. The surprise was orchestrated by Jim’s wife Dianne who contracted Jeremy Smith to play a surprise concert. Privacy and ethical concerns prevent me from disclosing the age of our Birthday Boy. Suffice to say, he is a younger man than I.


Remembrance Day at Epiphany

The Orange Owls from a nearby daycare made their annual pilgrimage to the Manor and Highland Park Cenotaph. It was a heartwarming experience for the remembrance committee secretary and chairman to interact with these innocent, beautiful 2 and 3 year olds and their teacher Julie. Once again the Orange Owls have touched us by leaving some Remembrance Day art work now on display in the Church.


Jeremy Smith at Epiphany

Well, the concert is over and it was great. Jeremy Smith not only sings like John Denver, he looks like John Denver. For all you John Denver fans out there not attending today, you missed a great show. Stay tuned though. We may have him back.


World Day of Prayer at Epiphany

On Friday March first we celebrated the women of Slovenia with Westmount Presbyterian, Westview Baptist, St. John The Devine (RC), and Mount Zion United. The service was put together and run capably by our own Judy Caley. Thanks Judy.

Quilt Raffle Winner

The winner of this years Quilt was Bruce Jackson. Bruce says he’s always cold when he gets to the church on Sunday Mornings, so he will leave the quilt here. He will use it to warm up before the service.



We Will Remember Nov 11 2018

The We Will Remember concert Sunday November 11 2018 was a great success. A huge thank you to Stephen for all his work putting on the concert. As anyone there will tell you it was simply amazing. There were historical newspaper reports, beautiful music, great vocals featuring Paul Grambo and Katie Clarke, an historical piece written by Adam featuring Elsie Perrin Williams and her husband. It was a fantastic show and it raised almost $1700. Thank you very much to Stephen and crew.

The morning before the concert I met John who had come by to pay his respects at our cenotaph. John is a radio host at CHRW and when he learned about our upcoming concert suggested that he could record it and play it on the radio.

John showed up with all his gear and recorded the We Will Remember concert

Here is the link to the podcast.

For those of you unable to attend the concert, please have a listen. Once again it was a great concert. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! Stephen

Thank you also to John for putting the concert over the airwaves and providing us with this podcast.    Thank you John!!!

Afghanistan Project

The Manor and Highland Park Cenotaph sits on church property at the corner of Holborn Ave and Briscoe St. This year the committee overseeing the Cenotaph has upgraded the monument with an Afghanistan Memorial tribute. The WW1 soldier was lifted off the monument. The old granite base was removed and then replaced with a new larger granite block. The new block was inscribed with the following:

The official unveiling has taken place during our Service of Dedication October 27, 2018. Donations to this memorial project may still be made to Church of the Epiphany Memorial Fund – Afghanistan.

Please watch the You Tube video.


Thank you!!



Cans for Keanna

Don’t throw out that aluminum. Save it and bring it to Epiphany. Crush it down first if you are able.


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